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Modern concrete masonry has evolved into a functional and aesthetically pleasing building material that gives the professional design team the artistic flexibility to create single and multi-story structures. Several outstanding examples include residences, office buildings, warehouses, boundary walling, manufacturing facilities, learning institutions, hospitals, municipal buildings and several more applications. Most recently, in a first for SA, the Langa multi-storey high-rise loadbearing rental units are a
fine example of what can be achieved. Since the late 1970’s, concrete masonry has become the preference for masonry applications in South Africa.

In many leading countries, such as the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Australia, professionals are 60 years ahead of South Africa in terms of loadbearing block masonry applications. The leading example of this is the 29 story hotel complex in Las Vegas, designed and built as a loadbearing, high
rise masonry structure. This example demonstrated the possibilities of innovation with precast concrete masonry applications.